Top 10 Moving Tips!

Nothing good in life ever comes easy, and this saying goes for your moving as well. The process of relocation is difficult and exhausting. There are so many things that need to be handled perfectly and so many steps that should be taken along the way in order for your moving to be successful. Even when you hire professional movers, you still have a lot on your plate and you wonder if you’ll ever come to the point of stepping into your new home and finally starting a new chapter of your life.

However, things are not always black and white and while you’re handling all the difficulties, you have to remember all the good stuff that is waiting for you. You’ve worked hard all these years, so one day you can afford to live in a home that you’ve just bought or rented. Your new neighborhood is a dream come true, schools for your kids are superb, and your job is a lot nearer so you’ll have that extra hour of sleep you’ve always hoped for. You can find thousands of reasons similar to these to be happy and excited about your relocation. Professional movers are always there to help you, but we decided to share with you a list of things that you should do if you are only starting to plan your relocation. Movers Sacramento have been in the business for years and working as professional movers they’ve experienced many kinds of challenges and difficulties. That is why we came up with the guide that you should follow if you want to avoid all of that and to move your home as smoothly and easily as possible. 

Get comfy and dive into our list of top 10 tips for successful moving.

  1. Make a proper moving plan

Everything begins with a plan. After you’ve finalized your decision to move, finished the paperwork, and finally have the keys to your new place, it is time to start thinking about moving. There is no such thing as planning too early when it comes to moving. Finding good professional movers, making essential upgrades in your new home, handling utilities, all require planning in advance. You have to make a clear timeline and be aware of all the things that you need to handle as well as how much time you need to make it all work. Planning promptly and having good time management can be a crucial step for your relocation to be a lot more efficient and cheap. If you start planning in a timely manner, you’ll see how stress-free your relocation can be and how everything can be handled without much effort.  

  1. Find good professional movers

Nowadays, it is very easy to find professional movers. It is enough that you write “professional movers” or “local movers” in your Google search bar and you’ll get hundreds of moving companies and independent professional movers who all claim to provide you with flawless service. Since moving itself is a very money-draining event, considering that you had to buy the new house or apartment, and endure many other expenses along the way, you usually start searching with the idea to get budget movers who will offer you the best service for the least money. When you plan in advance and start looking for professional movers early, you have enough time to do your research, choose a few professional movers that you like, get moving quotes from them, schedule meetings, and compare them. Hiring professional movers instead of moving by yourself has become an essential task with the busy lifestyles that we have. It is very difficult to handle your job, family, and routines, while you think about packing and moving. That is why having professional movers handle your relocation is the best step you can take for your relocation to be nothing but successful and worry-free.

  1. Book early

Whatever kind of service that you need, you have to book early if you really want to get both high-quality and affordable-price service. The first and most important thing that you should think about is your professional movers. You can save a lot of money and your peace of mind as well by booking your professional movers as soon as you decide your relocation date. However, other services that you need should also be arranged in advance, such as cleaning, painting, repairments, etc. All these things might seem irrelevant compared to the packing and transporting of your items, but if any of them is not done right, they can highly affect the quality of your relocation. Booking your professional movers early also gives you enough time to make a precise plan of your relocation together and go through every detail with them, as well as share all your concerns and wishes. 

  1. Declutter

Whether you choose to hire professional movers or move on your own, decluttering is definitely the step that you shouldn’t miss whatever kind of moving you’re planning. We all tend to store all kinds of things around our homes that we don’t use or need for a long time but still don’t want to throw away and get rid of. It all results in having a messy home with no space or order. When the time for relocation comes, these things make your relocation a lot more difficult and expensive. Your professional movers will have to invest a lot more time and effort into your relocation, therefore, the price difference will be significantly higher. The second thing that is also something that should motivate you to declutter is that you can have a fresh start at your new home and fill it with the things that you love instead of things that are pointless. Start your life at your new home on a new slate as well. You can even try to make a good deed and donate your stuff. Old clothes, toys, blankets, and things like that will mean a lot to someone. Also, trying to earn some money by selling these things online or organizing a garage sale is an excellent way to get rid of everything unnecessary and make things easier for your professional movers.

  1. Take packing seriously

When it comes to packing, you have two options – packing by yourself or getting the full service done by professional movers. Many people make a mistake with this step because they don’t realize that packing is equally important as the transport of your items. That is why they decide to finish packing by themselves, improvise with packing equipment, and overall – pack sloppy and bad. Bad packing usually results in your items getting damaged and broken along the way. Whether you decide to pack by yourself or by professional movers, it is always advised to start thinking early about your packing. If your professional movers pack for you, you should empty the drawers, pack essentials that you take with you, label the things so you can unpack easier later, etc. On the other hand, if you decide not to use the services of professional movers and pack by yourself, you will have to work diligently, find high-quality packing supplies and seek help from friends or family. Packing has great importance in the process of moving and never try to save time and money with this step.

  1. Schedule utilities

This is the step that can make a great difference between a successful relocation and a disaster. Seriously, take the time in advance and schedule the utilities for your new place. You don’t want your professional movers to unload their moving trucks just to realize that you don’t have electricity and light at your new place. While you’re doing it, make sure that you switch off utilities at your old place the day after you leave, so you don’t unnecessarily pay the bills for the things you don’t use. Scheduling your utilities well will help you save some money and start the new phase of your life on the right foot. 

  1. Prime the new home before moving in

Even though we are sure that you’ve chosen a great home, there are always some small things that should be fixed, floors and walls that should be polished and details that should be arranged in order for your home to be in a perfect condition for your moving in. Later when your professional movers arrive and all your furniture is already in it will be a lot more complicated to do that. Also, while you’re arranging fixing and coloring, try to plan and organize how your furniture will be arranged. It will be a lot easier if you do so because your professional movers will be able to help you with carrying and arranging big pieces of furniture.

  1. Don’t forget your kids and pets

While you think about professional movers, utilities, decluttering, and packing, don’t forget about moving day itself. Making sure that your pets and kids are taken care of when your professional movers arrive is a very important task that you have to take seriously. We don’t want to talk about all the things that can go wrong if your professional movers don’t have the safe environment to work uninterruptedly, but you can imagine some pretty bad scenarios. Not only that your professional movers might get distracted and your furniture might get damaged along the way, but your pets and kids can really get in danger.  Whether you choose to hire a nanny or ask your friends or family for help, make sure that your kids and pets have one adult person taking care of them every second along the way.  

  1. Keep the essentials with you

Before your professional movers arrive and the process of relocation begins, you have to prepare, declutter, pack some of the things and make sure that you have everything important with you. When we say essentials, we think of your documents, valuables, toiletries, snacks and drinks, stuff and food of your children and pets, etc. You should always have your “packing first-aid kit” that will be by your side just in case anything goes wrong, even if the chances are minimal. 

  1. Let movers do their job

If you followed all the steps, there is only one thing left to finish – your relocation day. When your professional movers arrive, the first thing you’re supposed to do is to sign your contract and let the main mover take a look around and provide you with a time estimate. After that, your professional movers will start doing their job following the plan. In this situation, the thing that you should do is just move and let your professional movers do their job. Of course, you should be at their service if they need any help or if they have any questions, but don’t run around them giving them your advice and instructions, because it will just distract them and make the procedure harder and longer. You have to trust your professional movers and their capability and experience. Have a cup of tea, try to make your professional movers feel comfortable and welcomed, but don’t stress and run around because, at this point, your part of the job is already done.

These are our top 10 moving tips and we can guarantee that if you follow these, your relocation is as smooth and efficient as it could possibly be. Professional movers are here to provide you with assistance and make sure that your relocation day goes perfectly, but for all the other things the responsibility is only yours. That is why you should really treat this relocation seriously and put all your energy into making sure that you did everything in your power to go through this process easily.

Movers El Dorado Hills are happy to help you with one of the most significant events in your life. Feel free to get in touch and ask us whatever crosses your mind. Our main goal is to help as many people as we can because while working as professional movers we learned all the challenges that can happen and all the ways to overcome them. If you need help with your relocation, we are always at your service and we’ll do everything to meet your expectations and move you flawlessly.