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Your sales representative should explain the way your local movers are charging for their services, because that depends on their policy. Usually local movers charge when they start the actual job, but some movers might even charge parking to parking.

Any liquids or anything that is flammable is not safe to be moved together with all of your other stuff in the truck, that is why movers usually recommend moving anything like that by yourself.

Professional movers will disassemble and assemble back all of your bigger items in order to safely move them to your new home. If you are not sure or if you have anything that requires special handling, check with your local movers before they get to your location.

If you want to have a professional, safe, time efficient and insured local move, then you should hire your local moving company. Having professionals taking care of your belongings will offer you additional peace of mind when it gets to your relocation. Moving itself can be stressful, so try to minimize that stress.

The most simple way is to go online and type movers near me. You will see the list of local movers in your area, start your research, check their online pages, give them a call and choose the best movers for your needs. The other way is to ask someone for a recommendation. If you have some friends or family members that moved recently, ask them to refer you to their local moving company.

Again something that depends on moving companies policy. Most of the local movers charge the hourly rates, while long distance movers charge flat rates. But you will find some local movers that will charge you flat rate for your local move.

If you hire licenced and insured movers (and those are the only moving companies you should hire) then if something gets damaged you should start your claim process with them. Their support agents will explain what is needed on your end and they will find the best possible solution for your issue during the move.

Any professional moving company can offer you both, packing and moving service. Usually they don’t have additional fee for packing, but you need to let them know ahead of time that packing is needed.

You shouldn’t hire any professional movers that are not licenced, so check with your local movers once you call them if they are licenced. If they sound shady, just skip that company. There are plenty of moving companies on the market that are licenced.

Movers in licenced moving companies are working for their paychecks, so you are not obligated to tip them. But, if you are satisfied with the moving service they provide for you, you should show you appreciation for someone who was doing physical work for you. How much to tip the movers is up to you, whatever you feel is sufficient.

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