Are You Moving To Sacramento? Here Is What To Do Next

Purchasing a new house and moving to Sacramento is one of the most exciting things in your life, and it also marks the end of a seemingly endless journey of searching for “the one”. The process of buying a home is one during which you need to be quick yet patient, and frankly too stressed out. You’ve signed the dotted line, finally – so let’s get to the fun part!

Actually, not just yet.

Once you’ve closed on your new home, you might think that it’s all over and you are finally done with all of the stress. You’re already enjoying the new chapter of your life in your head. However, you need to realize that there is one major thing that you might’ve forgotten: you still need to move your entire life into your new home in Sacramento and handle tons of paperwork before you get to said dream.

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Think About How You Want To Move 

Packing and moving aren’t the easiest things to do when you are not a professional, so moving to Sacramento with a professional moving company can provide you with complete peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about wasting time and resources and potentially damaging your items in the process.

Visit Your New Sacramento Home

Before you actually move your entire life in this house, you want to make sure that everything is in order while it is still empty. If you choose to do it on your moving day, you will be in a complete rush and stress out more than you need to. 

Try to do this before the moving day so you can do a detailed walkthrough. Check for any repairs or any kind of work your owner agreed to handle before you moved in, any furniture or appliances that were a part of the sale and simply make sure that all of the power outlets, switches and fixtures for example are working properly and everything is good to go. It is important to check for any discrepancies between what is in the contract and what is in reality so you can call your real estate agent as soon as possible. 

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Change Locks & Codes Before Moving

It is important to feel safe in your new home, so there are some things you can do to ultimately increase your personal security and your possessions’ security as well. Think about changing the locks on your doors and any gate codes – along with security system codes. While you may need the help of a third party for your locks depending on how handy you are, changing codes shouldn’t be an issue along with adjusting your security system. 

Schedule The Shut Off And Set Up Times For Your Utilities

You want to make sure that your utilities are shut off one day after your move and set up one day before your move for obvious reasons. You don’t want to move in the dark and you want to take a hot shower after the move once you’ve settled in. You want everything up and running once you set foot in your new home, so make sure to call up your providers in advance to check when you need to schedule shut off and set up times for your old and new home. If they need to come out in person to set up everything in your new home so make sure to do this as soon as you can.

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Check Important Points In Your Home To Set Everything Up

You need to make sure everything is set up in your new home so you can settle in as smoothly as possible. You will probably be exhausted after your entire day of moving furniture, and will want to do nothing once you’ve physically moved in yourself. That is why you need to set up everything in your new home while your movers are working or even before that. Look for your circuit breaker and mark the circuits with its corresponding room and appliance if there are no labels. 

You will need your appliances manuals, warranties and documentation and usually it’s best if this is kept in one secure place. If you can’t find the manuals, you can print out new ones as everything should be available online. Check your smoke detectors and replace batteries where they need to be. Check every room for smoke detectors, especially your kitchen and laundry room which are usually at most risk of a fire.

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Don’t Forget About Insurance Before Moving to Sacramento

It’s for the worst case scenario, but wouldn’t you want to have a safety blanket for every bad scenario in your life? That’s why insurance is an important thing. Your home warranty isn’t a forever thing, and you still need insurance no matter what. You need homeowners insurance to protect your prized possessions, and while you should always be positive and look for the best, preparing for a worst case scenario just in case is a smart thing to do for yourself. 

Update Your Address Everywhere

Don’t wait around to update your address, you don’t want someone else to get your mail. Set up your new mailing address at the Post Office, file for an address change online, update your address with USPS, and don’t forget to change your address everywhere else. Your bank, medical providers, employer, cell phone company, monthly subscriptions, and loved ones should also be notified of your address change. 

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Give Your New Sacramento Home A Good Clean Before Moving

There is one thing about an empty home during your move that can be a huge benefit to you: there is no furniture in the way, and any kind of cleaning and touch ups are going to be a breeze during this time. This is a unique time when none of the furniture will be in the way, so giving your home a deep clean, painting some of the walls, etc. will never be as easy as they are at this moment. 

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Hire A Babysitter Or Pet Sitter

You are going to want to think about hiring a sitter for the moving day, as you don’t want your kids and/or furry friends to get injured during the move or get in the way of your movers. It can be a risk for everyone. You also need to make these arrangements ahead so you can be sure that everything is good to go on the day of the move, and that the sitter you are hiring is available on the day as well.  

Check Your New Home For Potential Hazards

After the move, check for anything that your movers might’ve left out in the open like spare cords, nails and screws, etc. You want to make sure that everything is good to go for when your little ones arrive home.

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Prepare For Moving to Sacramento

Once everything is prepared for moving day and you’ve gotten the hang of everything that needs to be done, you are officially ready to schedule your professional movers when moving to Sacramento. Professional movers will not only save you a lot of time and energy, but will support you throughout the entire process and make sure everything is completed in the smoothest possible manner. You will be able to concentrate on the more important things, like saying goodbye to your loved ones and your old neighborhood. 

Since packing takes tons of time to complete, Movers El Dorado Hills also provides professional packing and moving services for our clients. We will make sure you have tons of time left to enjoy your transition.

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Settle In And Connect

It’s time to settle in and take a look at your neighborhood! Introduce yourself to your neighbors, gather some local connections and enjoy your time in your new living space. It can be easy to get lost in the process of moving and feel overwhelmed with such a change, but with a positive attitude – you can turn your upcoming move into the best thing that has happened to you, which it should be! 

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Hire Movers El Dorado Hills for Your Sacramento Move

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Moving to Sacramento is exciting, congratulations! Now it’s time to get everything in order, and with our helpful guide – you will have a breeze!